December 15, 2017

Blue Ribbon Radio Episode #0052

Blue Ribbon Radio
Episode #0052

On this edition of the weekly roots music sideshow that has become Blue Ribbon Radio, you’re going to have to strap in to handle all of the awesome that comes at you. Armed with a bottomless supply of grain alcohol, and one of the finest set lists your ears will have the pleasure of listening to, Chris Miller brings one of the finest episodes in the history of the show. Complete with music from The Arkhams, Wayne Hancock, Joe Buck, Mike Ness, Hayseed Dixie, Todd Snider, and more.

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Bootleg Asylum Radio Show Episode #0056 (01/29/2010)

Bootleg Asylum Radio Show
Episode #0056 (01/29/2010)

“Past Interviews Then, Aired Almost Now”

This week I am featuring 2 interviews that I had back in the fall of 2007 before I started Podcasting my shows. Interview #1 is with Jim “Dandy” Mangrum from the band Black Oak Arkansas. Black Oak Arkansas is an American Southern rock band named after the band’s hometown of Black Oak, Arkansas. The band reached the height of its fame in the 1970s with ten charting albums released in that decade. Their style is punctuated by multiple guitar players and the raspy voice and on-stage antics of vocalist Jim “Dandy” Mangrum.

Interview #2 is with Joe Buck. Joe Buck is the pseudonym of Jim Finkley, an American country and rockabilly musician from Murray, Kentucky. As a solo artist, he is a one-man band called Joe Buck Yourself. His first claim to fame was as the guitarist for The Legendary Shack Shakers. He played all guitar, bass and drums on their 2003 album Cockadoodledon’t. He played bass for Hank Williams III‘s country/hellbilly “Damn Band” and Assjack. He is credited, along with Williams and Andy Gibson, with engineering and producing Williams’ album, Straight to Hell.

Other artists on this weeks Bootleg Asylum Radio Show include: KritiKal Limit, Stoned Age, Hallows Eve, Rustbelt Homewreckers, Decent Into Madness, Chrome Division, Bad Season, Shinedown, Pantera, Reverend Horton Heat, Jesus Wept, Gin Palace Jesters, Mountain, Heaven and Hell, and more.

From now on the Bootleg Asylum Radio Show, Onemorename will be mostly taken all requests from you! If needed, I will fill in some of the requests. Send all requests to my email ( or Myspace Page in a comment/message during the week and I will play all requests!

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It Burns When I Pee Episode #0033 “The 3rd Annual Halloween Special”

It Burns When I Pee
Episode #0033 “The 3rd Annual Halloween Special”

It always gives us a woody when it comes time for Halloween. This October IBWIP brings you their 3rd Annual Halloween Special. Blake and Uncle Bubba bring you music by Bob Wayne and The Outlaw Carnies, Little Lisa Dixie, Joe Buck, PeeWee Moore and The Awful Dreadful Snakes, Slackeye Slim, Strawfoot, and our featured artist The Sons of Perdition.

In this episode Uncle Bubba and Blake take a “special” trip for Halloween, talk about the up coming IBWIP meet up in Decatur, fan feedback, and the first ever IBWIP baby! This show is jammed packed with all kinds of great stuff so pay attention! We announce our new Hug-A-34 Contest as well. But most importantly we feature a great interview with Zebulon Whatley of The Sons of Perdition.

So come join us and celebrate IBWIP’s favorite holiday… Happy Halloween

Links for this episode: George Takei, Christoph Mueller, IBWIP Store, SideProject, and 2nd Annual Myspace Real Country Music Awards.

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The Hank in Chains Show Episode #0015 (10/01/2008)

The Hank in Chains Show
Episode #0015 (10/01/2008)

Episode 15 of The Hank in Chains Show will feature the most revolutionary era of one of music’s most revolutionary artists: Bob Dylan. In the mid 60s, Dylan plugged in his electric guitar, sticking his middle finger up at his folk music fans who demanded that he keep making protest songs until he died… much like one of his heroes, Woody Guthrie. Instead of focusing on a folk music future, Dylan went on to fuse rock and roll with his own brand of complex and sometimes abstract poetry, bringing a level of creativity to rock that has yet to be surpassed. Mr. Ecks and Jared Morningstar will examine a selection of Dylan songs from this era, and discuss how they have inspired singer/songwriters for decades.

Artists/bands on this week’s show include: Dwight Yoakam, Mark Lanegan, Black Label Society, Dollar Store, Bill Monroe, The Muggs, The Paybacks, The Dempseys, Stone Temple Pilots, Mudcrutch, and Joe Buck.

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It Burns When I Pee Episode #0010 with Joe Buck & Christoph Mueller

Joe Buck & Christoph Mueller

Lucky for you, we don’t care if you have been naughty or nice! As the holiday season approaches, the folks at It Burns When I Pee get an early start handing out gifts to all their loyal fans. With their 10th episode, Blake and the crew bring you a double interview show! Joe Buck, from Hank III’s Damn Band, kicks things off and talks shop with Blake about everything from his outs with The Legendary Shack Shakers to why Nashville is the way it is today. In the 2nd interview artist Christoph Mueller (from Germany) talks about his love of REAL country music and about some of the projects he is currently working on. These are two don’t miss interviews. Cheyenne helps stuff fans stocking with tons of great music from folks like Creech Holler, Slackeye Slim, Honky Tonk Special, Justin Otto, and much more. And if you look behind the tree I am sure you will find a couple other surprise gifts as well. Come join It Burns When I Pee for another inappropriate walk through real country music… leave the fruitcake at home through because It Burns When I Pee is serving up their biggest giveaway yet! You know as well as I do that the in-laws are going to get on your nerves so DOWNLOAD the show, lock yourself in the bathroom, and wrap your hands around…. IT BURNS WHEN I PEE!

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It Burns When I Pee Episode #0008 with Lonesome Wyatt

“Lonesome Wyatt

As the cold October winds blow in, so does It Burns When I Pee. This time though, the Devil is in charge and he’s celebrating Halloween. That witchy hellbilly gal Cheyenne, as usual, starts things off and it all goes evil from then on. We have an interview with the Goth Country ringmaster himself Lonesome Wyatt from Those Poor Bastards. There are tons of devilish tunes (including one of our new favorites Hellalujah) and a special Halloween 911 call. We also have some voicemail’s from some of our goblin fans. So be afraid all you sinners because It Burns When I Pee is going to set fire to your soul! Forget the candy we want your ears. We are sure they will be bleeding when we’re through with you.

Songs Featured From: Hank 3, Split Lip Rayfield, Hellalujah, Porter Hall Tennessee, and Joe Buck. Make sure to check out our past episodes at

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