December 17, 2017

Whiskey Brian

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Brian Muncy

Oh the torrid tale of WhiskeyBrian. Where to begin? Perhaps it all started when he first saw his first porn, took his first sip of booze, or discovered that he likes Charmin rather than that cheap tissue paper stuff.

Whatever it was, the creepy awkwardness of WhiskeyBrian tickles everyones senses. As co-host of Whiskey N’ Waterbeds, he uses such words as “Aaalllrrright” or “WhiskeyBrian here!” and adds his own drunken stories about his sad sad life. Though some may get irritated from hearing his heavy breaths from being fat and out of shape but, they are actually heavy pants of love for the music on the show and for the fans that listen.

In the shows history, WhiskeyBrian has not been able to accomplish the task of a getting a girl to write Whiskey N’ Waterbeds on her milk sacks but, he has photographed a spread for A tale of a lot of pervin and booze gives you WhiskeyBrian. Some may say he is one of two that could pull something from Ned Beatty’s milk crate or Scatman Crothers file cabinet. Tune in to Whiskey N’ Waterbeds and listen to the velvet voice that is WhiskeyBrian.