December 17, 2017

Joey Camp

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Joey F***up

Joey Fuckup aka Joey Camp was born and raised in the “Star City” of the South, Roanoke, in the state of Virginia. Joey drank his first Pabst Blue Ribbon before he was a year old, and has had a taste for the ‘ole barley and hops ever since.

Joey’s love for music finally erupted in orgasmic glory when he began co-hosting “Whiskey ‘N’ Waterbeds” with WhiskeyBrian. His lifelong passion for all genres of music, combined with drive-in movies, down-home cookin’, cheap beer, moonshine, and the Dukes Of Hazzard culminated into the formation of his solo podcast, “Joey Fuckup’s Hayride To Hell”. Joey’s day job is in an industry too boring to talk about, but he does enjoy his free time researching new music and spending family time with his wife and two kids (a son and daughter), along with downin’ some ice cold malt beverages.

Throughout his life, Joey has had the priviledge of meeting and/or hanging out with numerous stars including Southern Culture On the Skids, the Fleshtones, and former cast members of the Dukes Of Hazzard TV series. Joey currently resides in the quiet suburb of Garden City in his home town of Roanoke.