December 17, 2017

Blake Clayton

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Blake Clayton

At age 16 I found Hank Williams Sr. I have been a HUGE fan since then, but it wasn’t till around 5 years ago that I found Hank Williams III. Since then I have found what I call “underground” country. The problem is that mainstream country music has pushed the traditional and underground country to the way back end of the line, so you never get to hear about it. That is why I started the IT BURNS WHEN I PEE pod-cast. I wanted to spread the word about the REAL country music that is being made today. From Joey Allcorn to Hank 3, Split Lip Rayfield to Scott H. Biram, and Wayne Hancock to Dale Watson, there is music all over that is not like that Pop Country bullshit that is being shoved down your throat today.

There are also those artists that Pop Country has left behind. Guys like David Allan Coe, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and Johnny Cash. These are the guys that worked so hard to stick a middle finger up at Nashville and give us great music. It is very rare that you hear these guys on the FM stations of today. They don’t “fit their format”.

So IT BURNS WHEN I PEE is being produced to give you the other option that is out there today. I.B.W.I.P wants to punch corporate country in the face! In the words of Hank 3, “we ain’t about being pretty and we ain’t about shaking our ass!” Many have asked how I came up with the name, IT BURNS WHEN I PEE. The answer is simple, when I hear the shit that is being recorded today and played on FM radio it makes it burn when I pee.

Of course it wouldn’t be a great episode of IT BURNS WHEN I PEE unless there was a little comedy added in. We do skits, phony phone calls, and all kinds of other stuff. We have a lot of fun and play a lot of great music. We have an interview with a different artist/band in each episode. We also play a couple of their songs. We also try to play clicks of some other songs throughout the show.

It’s time to visit and get on the right path of country music. Abandon what is being served up to you today and demand the real shit. FUCK POP COUNTRY!

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