January 22, 2018

The White Trash Revival Episode #0088

How do friends how do I say its another episode of great music and shitty banter by the uncouth host Donnie F Cash. He’s like a fart at a funeral and just as classy. As a matter of fact when he was in the 3rd grade he got kicked out of a neighborhood school car pool for being so vulgar. All the parents in the neighborhood wouldn’t let their kids play with him, so he just played with himself and still does. Poor bastards about blind, but he’s got a keen sense of sound and music so getcha a drank and listen to tunes by: Dishwater Bourbon-Mat D, , Cold on the Mountain-Danger & the Steel Cut Oates, Wet Tongue-The Shooter McGavins, Another Load to Fold-The Dirt Floor Band, Out of my Hands-Pumpkinseed, Backseat-Hopewell Exchange, Quarantine Blues-Hugo Clarence, Breadcrumb Trail-Slackeye Slim, Get Back on the Stage-Huntley Slim, Bull at the Wagon-Joe’s Truckstop, I’ve Seen Him Walking-Edwin Clarence Graves, Lungs,Ribs,&Heart-Snakeoil Salesmen, Talkin Jesus Owes Me Five Bucks Blues-Ursa Major, and Panties in Your Purse-Driveby Truckers.

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