December 15, 2017

The White Trash Revival Episode #0080 “The Fnckin Truckin Episode”

I remember my freshmen year at Ohio State when I didn’t have any money so I started working the night shift at the truckstop. Going to class all day and working all night, I couldn’t get no sleep and my grades started to diminish so I did what any good matured teenager would do; I acquired a nasty crystal meth habit. With meth, who needed to sleep? But after a while my truckstop pay wasn’t cutting it. So to get extra income, I worked the interstate as a lot lizard and wow did the money come rolling in. Man those were the days… So on this episode, I dedicate to all you truckers out there especially those of you that fed my meth habit and blazed my back with hot juicy 6 ropers. Get your favorite rot gut and enjoy all the mother truckin songs by Scott H Biram, Peewee Moore and the Awful Dreadful Snakes, Junkrod Joe and the Cadillac Hearse, Stan Cox, Truckstop Preachers, Dale Watson, Bob Wayne, Lisa and her Kin, Gin Palace Gesters, Whitey Morgan and the 78s, Cogswell, Otis Gibbs, Them Damn Young Livers, Mule Skinner Jones, Mike Penny and his Moonshiners, and The Whiskey Daredevils.

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