February 20, 2018

It Burns When I Pee Episode #0055 “Hellbound”

It Burns When I Pee
Episode #0055 “Hellbound”

So with having one on the most difficult “computer” months ever here at IBWIP we finally finished EP55. Amish BJ (under the weather) and Coldbeer Coley join me as we discuss everything from Blake’s tour schedule, fights at Chucky Cheese , and Coley’s mysterious problem with Hall & Oats . We update everyone on Peter’s travels across the country, and discuss the breakup of The .357 String Band. In this episode we also feature an interview with Hellbound Glory front man Leroy Virgil. We also spin tunes from Kara Clark, Willy Tea Taylor, The Calamity Cubes, Tom Russell, The Blind Staggers, Aran Buzzas, and The Ugly Valley Boys . And it wouldn’t be an episode of IBWIP without a little conversation with the Christy Boys.

Links from this episode: Peter’s Adventure Photo Album, Chucky Cheese riot, Savingcountrymusic.com (live), Rusty Knuckles, GNORTSKCOC T-Shirts

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About Blake Clayton

Also known as “Self Proclaimed The Podcasting God”, Blake is the creator and host of IBWIP. After failed marriages and a failed business venture in plastic sporks, he found that he had a talent (and a face) for podcasting. He is hoping to strike it rich, he started It Burns When I Pee. Over the years, Blake has become a pioneer in the campaign to promote the Roots music and the artists who create it.

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