March 30, 2015



Off the Mark Episode #0261

In case you missed it, check out our Wrestlemania preshow with Andrew, Aaron, Doug, and Travis. The final Hall of Fame inductee has been announced and Brock makes his decision with the WWE.  We also discuss Perro Aguayo Jr. passing away, in the ring, after taking a simple bump.  RIP Perro.  On WWE programming this […]


IBWIP Episode #0188 “Walla Rock”

In this episode Locks of Love Jason, Intern Heather, Blake, and The Voice discuss some fan feedback that upset Blake. We also have the 6th installment of the IBWIP Spaghetti Western during which Blake can’t keep it together. During celebrity birthdays Dustin sings the intro and Blake finds out his list is deadly. We welcome […]


Off the Mark Special #016 “Wrestlemania 31 Preview”

On our 6th annual WrestleMania special we have 2 special guests (Doug Hahn and Travis Peterson) on to go over the matches and our predictions for this years WrestleMania. We go in depth on the outcomes of what may happen as well as the storylines that will take place afterwards.  As always be sure to follow […]


Off the Mark Episode #0260

WWE marches on to the biggest PPV of the year and we talk about a few of the biggest matches and the outcomes for each of them. Over at TNA, we discuss the World Title picture as well as last week’s bloody hair vs hair match. In the news, we find out the newest Hall […]


IBWIP Episode #0187 “Drunken Squirrel”

Blake, Intern Heather, Locks Of Love Jason, and The Voice gather around the kitchen table and bring you another entertaining episode. Blake talks about shooting a gun with Big E, and talks about his awesome surprise birthday party that Mollz threw for him. The one and only Joseph Huber played and Blake’s brother got drunk […]


IBWIP Episode #0186 “Virtually Laughless”

Intern Heather, Blake, and Locks Of Love Jason dive into a special “no show lineup” episode. There is no outline and no idea what they are going to talk about. Heather  starts by discussing her venture into the mad science world of research medicine. More specifically a birth control patch. She is hoping to make […]


Off the Mark Episode #0259

So we FINALLY talk about Total Divas, because of the Bellas Contracts being up for renewal.    On WWE programming this week, AXELMANIA runs wild on… well, he was there losing.  Undertaker is not shown, but he accepts Brays challenge.  Mark Henry returns and Daniel Bryan talks the IC belt up..  This week we discuss […]


IBWIP Episode #0185 “FEUGENE”

Blake, Intern Heather, Locks of Love Jason, and Big E show off their musical talents in this episode. by playing It Burns When I Sing. The problem is Intern Heather wasn’t alive for most of the songs selected… but at the end the whole crew saves the day with a  rendition of Ace Of Base’s […]


Off the Mark Episode #0258

Lesnar Walk out news, Bill DeMott is in the news, and Samoa Joe considers signing with the WWE.  We also touch on some Rey Mysterio news.  On WWE programming this week, Trips calls out Sting and has the crowd pass out from boredom.  We talk about the IC title picture and how it is getting […]


IBWIP Episode #0184 “Vape Docking”

We are very excited about the direction that IBWIP is heading and this episode is a perfect example. Blake talks a little about seeing Fifth On The Floor one last time and how he can’t stand how audiences act at shows. Intern Heather, Big E, Locks of Love Jason, and Blake start things off with […]


Off the Mark Episode #0257

CM Punk and Colt are getting sued my WWE’s doctor Chris Amann, Lesnar leaves Raw, and AJ Lee blasts Stephanie McMahon.  On WWE programming this week, Fast Lane happened and failed.  We also discuss Ambrose’s PPV losing streak and the upcoming IC title picture.  We end the show talking about Lucha Underground.  As always be […]