March 1, 2015



Off the Mark Episode #0257

CM Punk and Colt are getting sued my WWE’s doctor Chris Amann, Lesnar leaves Raw, and AJ Lee blasts Stephanie McMahon.  On WWE programming this week, Fast Lane happened and failed.  We also discuss Ambrose’s PPV losing streak and the upcoming IC title picture.  We end the show talking about Lucha Underground.  As always be […]


IBWIP Episode #0183 “The Shocker”

In this episode Locks of Love Jason, Intern Heather, and “The Voice” Dustin get a little drunk and Jason tells everyone his story about getting a free meal at McDonald’s. We also find out that Heather HATES McDonald’s! We also feature episode #5 of the IBWIP Spaghetti Western. Will Dick Justice shoot his deputy? Will […]


Off the Mark Episode #0256

WWE financials have been released.  Aaron talks about his way to save $50 a year on the WWE network.  Plus, Samoa Joe has left TNA.  On WWE programming this week, the Dust brothers are done, Roman Reigns is overrated, and the Prime Time Players are back.  On TNA programming this week, MVP becomes the number […]


IBWIP Episode #0182 “A Palzy Thing”

In this episode Heather, Blake, and Locks of Love Jason are joined by ”The Voice” Dustin. Blake talks about his dog Rorie having cancer, Heather wanting a ferratt, and Dustin’s beer that is bigger than a baby. We talk IBWIP News Bulletin which features stories about a blind twin driving a car, first date tips, […]


IBWIP Episode #0181 “An Interview with Joshua Krane of Craft Vapery”

We are so glad to welcome Joshua Krane from onto the show. Craft Vapery is the leader in monthly E Juice subscriptions. In the interview “Grandpa Josh” tells the story of why he doesn’t have a middle name, his favorite set-up, and how Craft Vapery got started. We also discuss the rapid growth of […]


Off the Mark Episode #0255

Seth Rollins has some issues with some pictures have gave his girlfriend.  On WWE programming this week, the Dust Brothers seem to be at odds, Reigns is ruining WWE, and Sting responds to Trips.  On TNA programming this week, Matt Hardy get some revenge on Storm and the BDC continue to ruin TNA.   For […]


IBWIP Episode #0180 “Mustache of Love”

It’s that time again everyone, IBWIP celebrates Valentines Day in typical IBWIP fashion. Locks of Love Jason and Blake are joined by Intern Heather as we spread the good word of love throughout the land. Blake starts off the show by admitting that he has never shot a gun and wants to before he turns […]


IBWIP Episode #0179 “An Interview with Pearls Mahone”

We are honored to finally have the one and only Pearls Mahone on the show. She has a new album, “Echoes From the Prairie” that will be release in February. In the interview we discuss how she got started singing, touring, and how her faith and family are her biggest influences in her life. Of […]


Off the Mark Episode #0254

Triple H is the special guest on Stone Cold’s podcast.  It did air live on the WWE Network.  We also talk a little more about Justin Gabriel leaving.  On WWE programming this week, Dean Ambrose finally eliminates Curtis Axel.  Mizdow gets demoted to personal assistant.  It looks like Bryan may defeat Reigns at Fast Lane; […]


IBWIP Episode #0178 “Shouts Outs”

We have an exciting show for you this week folks! Locks Of Love Jason and Blake welcome Intern Heather to the show. After reviewing and interviewing thousands of candidates, Heather was the only one willing to work for no pay so let’s see how she does. In the IBWIP New Bulletin we talk about having […]


Off the Mark Episode #0253

Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Celeb Wing and a WWE Superstar asks for his release.  On WWE programming this week, the Royal Rumble happened…  Raw was snowed out this week and we talk about Daniel Bryan’s future.  On TNA this week, we discuss the Feast or Fired […]