August 21, 2014



Off the Mark Episode #0230

The WWE Network has some minor price changes and FIGHT STEEN FIGHT aka Kevin Steen has signed with the WWE.  WWE has creative members are released and Alberto Del Rio too.  Finally, which wrestling show is moving to Wednesday nights?  On WWE programming this week, the build up for Summerslam is fierce.  We bring Doug […]


It Burns When I Pee Episode #0148 “Sponge Bath & Beyond”

On this episode of IBWIP we welcome back our two special guest hosts from EP147: Whiskey Chaser and Nurse Courtney. We feature music from Fifth On The Floor, Filthy Still, and Forty Twenty. The show line-up includes: Blake talks about his visit to Wisconsin at the S&M Radio Compound, Nurse Courtney Cures All, and an […]


Off the Mark Episode #0229

So much news this week!  We have some info on Buff Bagwell’s career change and Ricardo is  released.  Plus we discuss the Bryan Danielson burglary and Smackdown moving to Thursday Nights.  On WWE programming this week, we discuss the Ambrose/Rollins feud, Stardust, and Stephanie McMahon vs Brie Bella.  On TNA programming this week, we discuss […]


It Burns When I Pee Episode #0147 “The Hulk & The Highlander”

On this episode of IBWIP we have two special co-hosts. Blake and Jason welcome Whiskey Chaser and Nurse Courtney back to the show. We play music ALL NEW music from Highlonesome, Barnyard Stompers, and Shadows Inc. The show line-up includes: Celebrity Birthdays, IBWIP News Bulletin, IBWIP Speakeasy, and High Brow on The Low End. Some […]


It Burns When I Pee Episode #0146 “An Interview with Brook Blanche”

Our good friend Brook Blanche, of The Calamity Cubes, has a new self titled solo record out on Farmageddon Records. Brook stops into the dirty stalls of IBWIP to talk about the album along with pinball machines and bourbon. He talks about his parents influences in his musical career and growing up in Kansas. We […]


Off the Mark Episode #0228

We start off the show by discussing the WWE financial call on this past Thursday.  We also discuss our thoughts on the WWE Network numbers.   On WWE programming this week, Orton will face Reigns and Rusev will Swagger at Summerslam,  The WWE is hoping Cena vs Lesnar will keep subscribers on the network.   On […]


It Burns When I Pee Episode #0145 “REO Speedtrash”

You can take it on the run baby if that’s the way you want it baby… or you can download the newest episode of IBWIP. In this episode we feature music from Ray Lawrence Jr, Six Gun Britt, and Nickle Creek. Jason talks about his dealings with a famous guitar player and we interview the […]


It Burns When I Pee Episode #0144 “An Interview with Lester T. Raww”

We are honored to have our good friend Lester T. Raww back on the show. He has two new projects out including Lonesome Lester T. Raww (solo project) and Lester T. Raww’s Graveside Quartet. In the interview we talk about both projects, boxer dogs, and coin tricks. Lester tells a couple stories about his recent time […]


Off the Mark Episode #0227

We are not talking CM Punk anymore.  Seriously, he took our money, got fame, and gave us the cold shoulder.  Any who, Prince Devitt has signed with the WWE and Davey Richards has words about the WWE.   On WWE programming this week, we discuss the fallout from Background.   We also talk about the Plan […]


It Burns When I Pee Episode #0143 “Wound Juice”

On this episode we play music from The Drunken Cuddle, Cole Thomason, and Scotch Hollow. Blake talks about his fishing trip, which ends in a broken bone (spoiler alert). We also play a round of “Would You Rather” in which Brett wins (spoiler alert). Brett reads some headlines which includes a viborater, a baby, and […]


Off the Mark Episode #0226

CM Punk breaks his silence and is remembered on the network this week.  STING IS BACK!!!  Well he signed a deal with 2K sports.   On WWE programming this week, Rusev and Swagger feud is heating up and Cesaro gets buried.  We also discuss Ambrose and Rollins.  On Impact Wrestling this week, taped in New York, […]