July 4, 2015



Off the Mark Episode #0275

PWI has any issue with the TNA Heavyweight title and TNA has 4 big names leave.  Are you going to be up for the Beast from the East Live at Tokyo?  The event starts at 530am EST.  Did I mention that Dolph IS going to resign with the WWE?  On WWE programming this week, both Raw […]


IBWIP Episode #0205 “A Finger Of Fudge”

In this episode Blake, Heather, and Jason ride solo and bring you a fun filled episode.  IBWIP News Bulletin: Bad Marriage Proposal and Killer Beavers,  Blake’s family vacation to Kentucky,  It’s Just True- a new game where Heather gives Jason and Blake a couple of personality quizes, and Fudge, Mary, Kilt- We have all heard of […]


Off the Mark Episode #0274

Is Dolph is leaving the WWE?  Gunner and Samuel Shaw were released.  We also discuss all the recent injuries in the WWE.  On WWE programming this week, it has been confirmed that Cena will defend his US title against Owens at Battleground.  Jamie Noble breaks 3 ribs and Brock Lesnar gets beat up..  On TNA […]


IBWIP Episode #0204 “Blake’s Not A Horrible Father”

There were many titles that we thought about for this episode, “Anal Fissures, Twirly Twoos, and even Open Wounds”. In this episode Blake talks about trying to teach Eli how to catch a baseball but it turns out bad. We also play “Chap Dat Ass” which Big E leads off with some jokes. Heather hates […]


The Song: Inside and Out Episode #0002 “Josh Morningstar”

In this episode we feature Josh Morningstar and his song, “As Long As You Ain’t Coming Back” from his new album “Songs For Fools With Broken Hearts”. We talk about the album, his songwriting, and the many phases of a breakup.  Josh talks openly about his battles with substance abuse and his life on the […]


Off the Mark Episode #0273

Hey Tough Enough is BACK…  and Roger Cave joins us this week.  Which one is more exciting?  On WWE programming this week, it is all about the Mony in the Bank PPV fallout from last Sunday.  For our weekly topic, we discuss the passing of the late; great; Dusty Rhodes.  Hard Times Promo and Paul […]


IBWIP Episode #0203 “Droid DTF One Dash Zero Dash Zero”

This episode of IBWIP is jam packed. We talk about Intern Heather doing stand up at a local comedy club as well as IBWIP News bulletin which features one about Hong Kong. The crew opens up a box full of gifts from Rockytopvapor.com and they love it! This episode is also the return of the […]


Off the Mark Episode #0272

Austin confirms that he will NOT be wrestling Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31 in Dallas.  Is WWE now interested in a certain Indy/Japan star?  On WWE programming this week, it is all about the Mony in the Bank PPV this Sunday.  On TNA programming this week, the Wolves and Aries/Roode are now tied 2-2 and […]


IBWIP Episode #0202 “A Grandma Heavy Night”

In this episode Locks Of Love Jason, Blake, Vitamin D, and Intern Heather gather around the table at IBWIP Studio and get down to business. Blake talks about his new job and how it is probably going to kill him and Heather goes off on Ol Justin Chambers about his song subject that we played […]


The Song: Inside and Out Episode #0001 “James Hunnicutt”

We are honored to have our friend James Hunnicutt kick off our new podcast. In this episode we deep dive into his song “Risk The Fall”. During the interview James talks about how the song came to be, what he was trying to convey in the lyrics, and even about how musically this is one […]


Off the Mark Episode #0271

Stone Cold returned his podcast to the WWE Network and hinted towards one more match.  Who is it with?  WWE announced a WWE Network Special on July 4th starting with a preshow @ 6:30am EST and the main show starts at 7:00am EST.   On WWE programming this week, we talk about the fallout from the […]