April 26, 2015



Off the Mark Episode #0265

Tazz is officially gone from TNA and Daniel Bryan is definitely injured.  On WWE programming, we bring Roger Cave on to the show to discuss the Extreme Rules PPV.  On TNA programming this week, new tag champs are crowned and the TKO special happens.  Kurt Angle also takes on Eric Young.  As always be sure […]


IBWIP Episode #0193 “Mamada Xtrema”

Roll call for this episode includes Intern Heather, Locks Of Love Jason, Blake, and Big E. In this episode Blake reads through some Blake’s List adds which leads to a very deep discussion about a local swingers club and internet porn live cam sites. Locks Of Love Jason and Big E know even more than […]


Off the Mark Episode #0264

TNA has some paycheck issues and we talk about what is going on with Tazz.  On WWE programming this week, we discuss the stipulations added to the Extreme Rules matches.  For our weekly topic, we give our take on Cena’s appearance on Talk is Jericho.  We also talk about other former wrestlers doing podcasts.  As […]


IBWIP Episode #0192 “Tortoise Got Feet”

This episode is jammed packed with nonsense and laughs starring Intern Heather, Big E, Blake, and Locks Of Love Jason. The show starts with Blake talking about his interaction with the worst parent ever… times 2. Intern Heather bring us brings us some news stories that include Godzilla, a goat that is smarter than most […]


Off the Mark Episode #0263

The surprise of the week goes out to A.J. Lee retiring from pro wrestling.  It could have been Scott Steiner for “threatening” Hulk Hogan, but that is typical Steiner talk.  We have some news on the Justin Roberts/Connor the Crusher saga and Smackdown getting a new home.  On WWE programming for the week, Rollins and […]


IBWIP Episode #0191 “Memo Pads”

All I can say about this episode of IBWIP is that “THE SH*T GETS REAL!” In this episode Blake, Big E, Locks of Love Jason, and Intern Heather read some fan feedback that have been submitted lately. They also talk about death and how we as parents go about explaining it to our children. Jason […]


IBWIP Episode #0190 “An Interview with Carrie Nation & The Speakeasy”

When Carrie Nation & The Speakeasy says they’re coming to Pekin there is only one thing to do… order some pizza, get some beers on ice, and break out the recording equipment. The guys take a seat in IBWIP Studio and we get down to the hard hitting questions. We talk about the line up […]


Off the Mark Episode #0262

In case you missed it, check out our Wrestlemania Wrap Up show with Andrew, Aaron, Dave, Roger, and Doug. Off the Mark is recovering from a WrestleMania Hangover but we go over what happened on Raw and Smackdown and talk about the Hall of Fame Ceremony from over the weekend. Make sure you check out this […]


IBWIP Episode #0189 “2000 Nerve Endings”

In this episode Big E, Locks of Love Jason, Intern Heather, and Blake bring you 2000 laughs! Well, maybe only 287 but we sure do give it our all. Blake and Big E finally get to talk about all the juicy details about the birthday strippers. In the IBWIP News Bulletin we talk about a […]


Off the Mark Special #017 “Wrestlemania 31 Wrap Up Show”

On this SPECIAL episode, we talk all things Wrestlemania 31. Andrew, Aaron, Doug, Roger, and Dave go over the all the matches and our thoughts on what should have happened.  We also go over our picks and how we did.  As always be sure to follow the show @OfftheMark86, Andrew Hughes @ahughes86, and Aaron Hughes @aphughes. If […]


Off the Mark Episode #0261

In case you missed it, check out our Wrestlemania preshow with Andrew, Aaron, Doug, and Travis. The final Hall of Fame inductee has been announced and Brock makes his decision with the WWE.  We also discuss Perro Aguayo Jr. passing away, in the ring, after taking a simple bump.  RIP Perro.  On WWE programming this […]