July 29, 2014



Off the Mark Episode #0227

We are not talking CM Punk anymore.  Seriously, he took our money, got fame, and gave us the cold shoulder.  Any who, Prince Devitt has signed with the WWE and Davey Richards has words about the WWE.   On WWE programming this week, we discuss the fallout from Background.   We also talk about the Plan […]


It Burns When I Pee Episode #0143 “Wound Juice”

On this episode we play music from The Drunken Cuddle, Cole Thomason, and Scotch Hollow. Blake talks about his fishing trip, which ends in a broken bone (spoiler alert). We also play a round of “Would You Rather” in which Brett wins (spoiler alert). Brett reads some headlines which includes a viborater, a baby, and […]


Off the Mark Episode #0226

CM Punk breaks his silence and is remembered on the network this week.  STING IS BACK!!!  Well he signed a deal with 2K sports.   On WWE programming this week, Rusev and Swagger feud is heating up and Cesaro gets buried.  We also discuss Ambrose and Rollins.  On Impact Wrestling this week, taped in New York, […]


It Burns When I Pee Episode #0142 “An Interview with Slaughter Daughters”

With our new format we are now releasing interview episodes as BONUS episodes that will be released on Tuesday’s. Our first one is the bad ass gals of Slaughter Daughter. On this episode, they perform live “The Last Moon Ballet” and “Siren” with the help of their friends from Larry & His Flask, Dallin Bulkley, […]


Off the Mark Episode #0225

On this weeks episode of Off the Mark we talk about the lead up to Battleground and what matches we are looking forward to. We go over the rise of Roman Reigns and where WWE is pushing Cesaro. For TNA we talk about Championship matches and a preview of next weeks confrontation. We also go […]


It Burns When I Pee Episode #0141 “Mosquito Mansion”

Summer is here which means… MOSQUITO’S! On this episode Jason saves Blake and Mollz from an attack from a swarm of the deadly bugs. We play music from The Eskimo Brothers, Hank Williams Sr, and Dwight Yoakam. Blake tells the story about the move back to our old apartment and his horrible rash. Jason shares […]


Off the Mark Episode #0224

Bound for Glory is going over seas and this could make or break TNA.  Josh Matthews is released.  Emma is released and then rehired 3 hours later.  We have the reasons for it all.   On WWE programming this week, Money in the Bank turns out to be a very good PPV.  Rollins and Cena both […]


It Burns When I Pee Episode #0140 “Finding A Founding Father”

Happy 4th of July everyone! This episode launches our new format. Keeping the shows at 60 minutes or less (based off feedback from the IBWIP 2014 survey). In this episode we play music from Drunken Cuddle, Shot to Hell, and Charlie and the Foxtrots. Blake rants about the World Cup again and we also conjure […]


Off the Mark Episode #0223

How weird is Stardust?  We discuss our thoughts on the character.  We also discuss Ring of Honor’s “Best in the World” pay-per-view.   On WWE programming this week, Sandow gets buried and no one cares.  All the Money in the Bank participants are announced and Kane gets added to the World Heavyweight Ladder Match.  Did I […]


Off the Mark Episode #0222

The ROH “Best in the World” PPV is this Sunday and we discuss our thoughts on it.  The WWE releases 12 performers and non performers and we discuss a few of them.  WWE is also removing the production staffs’ bus.  On WWE programming this week, Cena overcomes the odds and defeats Kane; CLEAN.  The MITB […]


It Burns When I Pee Episode #0139 “Summer Safety”

It’s an all boys event on this episode of IBWIP. Jason and Blake welcome back Brett Conlin into the studio to co-host as well as perform a song. We also spin tunes from Billy Cook, 7 Horses, Sleeping Orchard, Clint Darnell, and The Bootstrap String Duo. Summer is upon us and we thought it would […]