February 24, 2018

The White Trash Revival Episode #0069

The White Trash Revival
Episode #0069

Alright folks what better way to end things then with a 69. Yes that’s right The White Trash Revival is taking a bow its been fun, but don’t worry I plan on doing another show almost the same. It will be called Rugburn Radio and it will be music for old skaters, dopers, drinkers, and hell raisers so stay tuned here at section86.com.

Any questions or comments? Call (309) 761-4456.

Check out the site for lots of updates!
http://www.section86.com/ TWTR Episode #0069


  1. Thanks for doin the show it’s always funny as hell with good music to boot. Hopefully you’ll be able to do a part on the rugburn show, cause you’re the funniest motherfucker I’ve heard on these podcast radioshows – good luck and thanks again

  2. Best wishes D.F.C.

    Appreciate the support… looking forward to checking out the new show.


    – Moonshine

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