December 15, 2017

The White Trash Revival Episode #0062

The White Trash Revival
Episode #0062

Episode 62 is all Jayke Orvis and his music. On the show we have a very extensive very personal interview done by Karen the Queen of White Trash. On this show we’ll play music from The GodDamn Gallow, The 356 Stringband (they can never be 357 without Jayke so 357 – Jayke = 356….yes I am a fan of them boys , but goddammit I’ve been red ass’d ever since he was asked to leave), and also damn n ear all of his solo stuff from “Its all Been Said”. The album is pretty fncking phenomenal……put together with so much talent if music was basketball they would give the first Dream Team a run for its money. Jayke is embarking on his tour as this show is posted so take a listen and REALLY get to know Mr Orvis he is so much more than dreadlocks and a mandolin. Also thank you to Karen who made this show possible, Jayke himself, and Darren of Farmageddon Records.

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  1. .357 were offended? More like he wishes they gave a shit. .357 didn’t respond to that stupid childish bullshit b/c it was just that.

  2. Its over and they aren’t the same with out him so no need to flame this all up.

  3. I would just like to say that I really hope the .357 tension goes away soon and that people accept it. Jayke was a big part of that band from the beginning and that will never be forgotten. I would just like to see all of it move forward from here in a positive way. I still support what those guys are doing and think they are a great band. I’m pretty sure that the scene will prosper a lot more if people work together instead of against each other.

  4. That blew.

  5. .357 arent trying to be the same fucking band, they moved on and done so quietly. Y’all act like this is the first band that ever changed line ups….

    And I agree w/ FR that the scene will prosper if people move on, but it seems like it is Jayke that is kicking up a lot of drama.


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