December 15, 2017

Creative Tragedy Episode “Going the Distance” Review

Going the Distance

I wasn’t expecting much when I went to see Going the Distance so when they delivered a coherent storyline and plausible scenarios, I was impressed. Justin Long and Drew Berrymore meet over a game of Centipede and quickly montage over the six week period to show Drew flying from New York to San Francisco to return to Grad School. We see the strain the 3000 mile difference has on a relationship, not to mention the three time zone difference. The movie does suffer from a few flaws such as the overuse of swear words that are not needed and the drug use could have been cut out to give the movie a PG- 13 rating. This is more of a critique of how to earn more money on opening day than a problem with the film itself. The biggest gripe I have with the movie is how everything is perfect in their lives. Long’s character romances the hell out of Berrymore in unusual and unrealistic ways. If you are going to this movie with a date, make sure you have given her roses and lined the apartment with candles before you do so, otherwise you will look like a bad boyfriend/husband by comparison. With all of that said, this movie isn’t as bad as it could have been. There are redeeming moments with Long’s cohorts and some funny awkward moments that don’t take away from the movie. If you are forced to see a movie this weekend, Going the Distance is not a bad choice.

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