January 19, 2018

The White Trash Revival Episode #0055 “The Coney Island Cockabilly Roadshow” Episode

The White Trash Revival
Episode #0055 “The Coney Island Cockabilly Roadshow” Episode

The Coney Island Cockabilly Roadshow is like a carnival or band of gypsies traveling from town to town. Its exciting , but yet oh so bizarre. They travel from town to town trying to sell the locals they’re snake oil that cures everything. They travel in vans with pitbulls for car alarms. For me the scene takes place at a dingy basement bar called Bernie’s Distillery located on the campus of Ohio State University. It was dark and dingy just the way I like it. All the bands were fncking awesome and very down to earth. They mingled with the patrons while they waited to play they’re set. The Squiddling Bros. sideshow brought the bizarre between each set. And the music was phenomenal a little bit of everything for everybody with Holy Roller Sideshow, Guitar Bomb, Hick’ry Hawkins, Jason & the Punknecks, and Viva Le Vox. On this Episode I will have an interview with the mastermind behind the Coney Island Cockabilly Roadshow………Ben…..yeah that’s right JUST Ben. Also I have interviews and music by Polly Punkneck, Guitar Bomb, Hick’ry Hawkins, And Viva Le Vox. I will also have music on the show by The 3 Kings, The Judy Chops, 16 Horsepower, Hillstomp, Merle Haggard, and D.B. Cooper and the Hard Cash Band. I almost forgot I also interviewed Sasquatch’s kid brother Artie Elmer, he slaps bass for the punknecks. If this show rolls through your town at least go to see the burlesque dancers you wont be sorry.

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  1. steamdoll@gmail.com' CT Cockabilly Fan says:

    Hey, I understand that you’re upset about Baby G and Quentin’s situation, but please try to keep your recorded discussions about the case and the accuser civil. This has been discussed time and time again – throwing the slurs and insults around, especially in a very public forum, only makes our side look bad. I tuned in to hear great music and interviews, not to hear that.

    Also, think of how many women from CT have stood up to help the guys. A sizeable group has put tons of effort into raising awareness and funds. Please don’t make this a gender based argument.

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