January 17, 2018

The White Trash Revival Episode #0048

The White Trash Revival
Episode #0048

On episode 48 of the show we interview a real stand by your man type gal……the lady im talkin bout is married to an icon in our underground country scene and she was once an artist herself being in The Camptown Ladies…..Thats right folks I have the firecracker herself Gina Gallina (how fncking cool is that when your first and last name rhyme) Wayne Hancock’s wife. Being an artist herself I wanted to know what its like to be married to an icon and a constant touring musician such as Wayne the Train. Mrs. Hancock will share a look into hers and Waynes personal life and how she helps The Train and Lucky Tubb….So sit back and listen to underground country’s first lady if you will and enjoy tunes by Gina’s squeeze and also 10 Miles of Bad Road, Nashville Pussy, The Squirell Hunters, Tyler Jakes, A Broken Heart Pro, Buford Pickens, Dry Branch Firing Squad, Big One Man Band, Star Anna, Big Smith, Bob Wayne, The Henhouse Prowlers, Jake Labotz, Don Gallardo, Light Rail, Six Time Loser, Gram Parsons, The Pine Box Boys, Hog Jaw, Texas Ruby, and The Shivering Denizens.

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