December 16, 2017

The White Trash Revival Episode #0043

The White Trash Revival
Episode #0043

Episode 43 is a down home good time. Remember the time you was at your best friend Jimmy’s house and yuns found his maw’s boyfriend’s Hustler stash.  Remember that first pretty pink vagina you saw spread wide open. Remember how excited you got and started breathing a little heavy…..well this episode is gonna make you feel the same way.  On this episode we have an interview with Reid Wilson from Reid Wilson And His So Called Friends.  Also, we got great fncking music from The McPherson Struts, Mic Harrison & The High Score, Justin James Stone & The Charcoal Filtered Felons, Cody Rerun Gibson, The Brimstones, Buck Haggard, Alex Machine, Mississippi Rider, The Dust Bowl Cavaliers, The Surf Zombies, Dave Smith, Chelsea McBee with The Foxhunt, Country Dirt,The Kings; and a cd review from Edwin Clarence Graves.  Now remember that Hustler at Jimmy’s house and when you turned to The Beaver Hunt and who’s hairy muff was stare’n up at you…….none other than your mother.

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