January 19, 2018

The White Trash Revival Episode #0040

The White Trash Revival
Episode #0040

The White Trash Revival Episode 40 has no guests and was done stone cold sober. It will probably be like getting jerked off by a hot chick, but with batting gloves on. That would be ok wouldn’t it? At least it’s a hot chick and not your aunt Marg. You know the one that has a goatee and wears the polyester pants all the time and never wears a bra; even to family reunions. What lacks in the show with Donnie Fncking Cash’s soberness will be made up with the GREAT music. So enjoy the tunes by Legendary Shack Shakers, Not So Good Ol Boys, The Stumbleweeds, Deadmens Suit, Michael & The Lonesome Playboys, Tug Creek Ramblers, God Fearin Snakehandlers, Casey Just & The Psychophonicks, Adrian St. John, Johnny Moonshine, Whiskey Mountain Machine, Shawn Conway, The Wander Lust, The Redneck Boys, Strange Rebel Frequency, Bone Orchard Revival, and Bascom Lamar.

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