December 16, 2017

Vertebreaker! Episode #0027 “Dominique, Sea Kittens, and the Game Genie”

Episode #0027 “Dominique, Sea Kittens, and the Game Genie”

In this edition of Vertebreaker!, Max Russell, Peter Chestnut, Danny “Drama” Isherwood, Michael Madison, and Jeremy Rockwell discuss some of the most random issues in the weeks show. We again ask Danny “Drama” Isherwood what is the matter with the following chicks: Chick #1, Chick #2, and Chick #3. Plus we cover the following topics: Chicks with one leg, Idiot Tries To Strangle Girlfriend With Wiimote, Girl carves name into guy, Cheese or BJ’s, Danny’s cold streak, arching your shot, Tattoos, Barack hits a cat, Fluff Ball?, Snickers, PETA, People Eating Tasty Animals, Sea Kittens, Land Fish, Michael Phelps, NFL Francise Tags (yes, you can be traded), Patriots, Tom Brady, Matt Cassell, A Rod, Barry Bonds, Baseball Hall of Fame, NFL Hall of Fame, WWE Hall of Fame, Randy Orton, Royal Rumble, Danny “Drama” Isherwood following Peter Chestnut?, If you seek Amy, Blind Chick, Unexplainable, and much much more!

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