December 16, 2017

Bootleg Asylum Radio Show Episode #0024 (03/13/2009)

Bootleg Asylum Radio Show
Episode #0024 (03/13/2009)

“Its All About The Music”

This week I am featuring a very cool 30 minute bootleg set of Great Mississippi/Texas Style Blues music from Omar and the Howlers. This show was recorded at Austin City Limits in 1988 (a GREAT Setlist!). Also I feature two 4 song blocks of music; One from ZZ Top and the other is Thin Lizzy.

Other artists on this weeks B.A.R.S. All Request Friday Night include: Black Oak Arkansas, Dwight Yoakam, Cowslingers, Whiskey Daredevils, Saxon, White Knuckle Trucker, Sasquatch and the Holy Hellrasiers, Rebel Son, Rose Tattoo, plus more..

From now on the Bootleg Asylum Radio Show, Onemorename will be mostly taken all requests from you! If needed, I will fill in some of the requests. Send all requests to my Myspace Page in a comment or message form during the week and I will play all requests!

Any questions or comments? Call (309) 761-4456.

Check out the site for lots of updates! BARS Episode #0024

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