January 19, 2018

Vertebreaker! Episode #0025 “Guinnea-saurus Rex”

Episode #0025 “Guinnea-saurus Rex”

In this edition of Vertebreaker!, Max Russell, Jon Midland, Peter Chestnut, Rooster Cogburn, Danny “Drama” Isherwood, and James Edgewood talk about their favorite episodes. Believe it or not, we wax Peter’s Butt Cheeks and Danny’s Side Burns on air. The video will be posted at a later date. Jon also tells a great story about Rooster’s shaving issues. An update to the question, “If you could bang?”

Also we cover the following: Backdoor Fun, Tea Baggin, Spooning, Love Seats, Waxing, the team that beat the Patriots, Bucs 0-26, that one girl, following friends, threesomes, MySpace pictures, pulling out, balls touching, DTF: Down to Film, Dick Slime,Rooster and Danny’s Threesome?, Danny follows Jon?, Pumpkin Pancakes, 1 Hot 20 Year or 2 Cougars, Gina Carano, Rooster following Peter.. AGAIN, Arena Football, Strippers and BJ’s, Going to Town, Hooters, Tina Fey, Sarah Palin, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba, Yvonne Strahovski, Eva Green, Samantha Mumba, B Arthur, Mini Anden, Jon and Rooster’s Threesome, Fruit Loops, Finishing off in the Bathroom, Why we thank Section_86 and 86 Productions on each episode, James Calls the comment line, Mix Tapes, Devil and Death, and Jon being awesome.

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  1. i am mad that i didnt get listed as being on the show…. FUCK YOU GUYS! great show yall as always.

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