January 20, 2018

The White Trash Revival Episode #0092

When I was a kid I used to masturbate way to much and I would always finish in a tube sock.  I did that so much that my penis grew a toe nail damndest thing you ever saw.  That is just part of the consequences that go with beating off.   I’ve had worse happen, but I won’t disclose it with you……how bout I just disclose this episodes playlist: Felix Thursday & the Cheatin Hearts, Carolina Still, Wild Rooster, Slow Poisoner, Slick Skillet Seranaders, The Defibulators, Live Well, Rattlesnake Deer, Red Eye Junction, The Afterdarks, The Possum Hollow Boys, Tex Glitter, and Old Crow Medicine Show.

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It Burns When I Pee Episode #0044 Ridin The Short Bus

It Burns When I Pee
Episode #0044 “Ridin The Short Bus”

Its that time of year when kids pack up their new back packs for that first day of school. Now all you parents out there have went all over the city to get all the correct supplies, forked out tons of money for new cloths, new shoes, and book fees. It Burns When I Pee is here to put a smile back on your faces. On EP44 we have our first ever special guest host, Joey Fuckup from Cheap Beer and BBQ Radio. Thanks to the SKYPE we were able to join together and do the show. Joey did a great job for only finding out he was going to co-host 3 hours before the show.

In this episode Joey and I tell some stories from our days in school. We also call BJ and Nicole, via SKYPE, and talk to them about their time with Cocker during his stay with them. It was cool as hell to have them on the show. We also wish Nicole a happy birthday in typical IBWIP fashion!

Our featured interview is with Slackeye Slim and Joe Perreze, who we got to sit down with recently when they played a show at Bottoms Up in Pekin Illinois. They talk about their new CD, and we also spin a couple tunes from it. We also feature music from The Rubber Knife Gang, Joecephus and The George Jonestown Massacre, U.S Bombs, Red Eye Junction, and Van Halen.

So come hang out and forget about all the hours that your going to spend helping with your kids do math homework.

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