February 23, 2018

It Burns When I Pee Episode #0040 “Keepin’ It Neet”

It Burns When I Pee
Episode #0040 “Keepin’ It Neet”

It’s spring time and IBWIP is heating up. In our newest episode Blake (who sounds like a 12 year old going through puberty) and The Bubba’s gear up for the big anniversary special next month. In this episode we play music by Run C&W, Dave The Roadman, The Give’em Hell Boys, Jamey Johnson, Dog Bite Harris, and The Beastie Boys. Mrs. Bubba follows up her Vagina Princess segment from EP39 with another informational VJJ topic…. WAXING! We also introduce “COCKER” our new traveling mascot. We are sending him on the road starting May 1st. Come join us for an abridged version of IBWIP and get ready to celebrate 3 years of IBWIP in May.

Links from this show: Neltner Creative, JoeyAllcorn.com, Roundtable Podcast, George Takie Commercial, The Brady Bunch, Anal Bleaching.

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It Burns When I Pee Episode #0021 “Down On The Farm”

It Burns When I Pee
Episode 21 “Down On The Farm”

Have you ever wondered what we recorded while at the Metal Farm Magazine Release Party? Well the three of you are in luck! Episode 21 is dedicated to MFM and The Reinstate Hank Campaign. We feature four, that’s right four interviews. Randy Bake, Blake Judd, Keith Neltner, and Sarah Luegers all hung out with us at the party and talked about their involvement in the two projects.

Of course we still spin some great music from Hank 3, Hank Sr., The Kentucky Struts, Straw Boss, and The Cowslingers. Sound like a long show? Well there’s even more! We break out the lost tapes we recorded while at the party as well. The lost tapes are completely raw and uncut. We just turned the mics on and started talking. Surprisingly enough there is little or no dead air. On the tapes Blake sings and bitches about Audacity. The crew also talks about erections, masturbation, and the clean up, Shake It Records, Bizarre Magazine, the Chunky Monkeys, and much much more. The final track even has an impromptu interview with Sarah Luegers.

So gather the family around the table during Thanksgiving dinner and push play on the iPod. I am sure granny is gonna love this one!

Quick Links From The Show:
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Bizarre Magazine (adult)
2009 IBWIP Calender ON SALE!

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It Burns When I Pee Episode #0019 “So Many Jugs… So Little Time”

It Burns When I Pee
Episode #0019 “So Many Jugs… So Little Time”

As the summer comes to a close, we heat up the inter-net with another socially inappropriate episode of It Burns When I Pee. Norma Jean (and her kissin partners: Sarah Bear & Natalie), along with Creepy Guy and NTBNTBBTOB join me in Get Your Hank On Studio and we bring you a jammed packed show. In this episode we feature an interview with the band BIG JUGS. These guys are awesome and we were honored to have the whole band on the show. We will also spin a couple of songs from their new album, “Ridin’ Dirty”.

We are going to rack up a special dedication for the late great Don Helms, and of course we can’t have a September show without showing some love to the birthday man himself… HANK WILLIAMS. If you haven’t heard, The Meat Purveyors got back together to do a new album and we have an exclusive track from that album to play. There will also be a great song from the band Politically Erect along with a Rolling Stones song. I know… we are all over the board on this episode. Ha Ha Ha!

We talk about tons of stuff in this episode as well. BEWARE: Norma Jean is drunk and Ryan is under the weather, but we still had a great time. We talk about our trip to the Metal Farm Magazine Release Party, the IBWIP Auction, fan feedback, and we press play and have Norma Jean and her kissin partners watch some more porn. Of course we are not going to leave you itching for some comedy, we have another great IBWIP Dating Game skit. This time host Blake Clayton is the guy looking for “Ms.Right”.

There are tons of little extras that we talk about as well. Below is quick link list of points talked about in the show. Don’t forget to go and check out all the items we have up for the IBWIP Auction as well… the auction starts on Sept 19th and ends on Sept 28th.

Extra Stall Notes and Links: Redboy Podcast, Hank Cash: Unknown Stuntman Video, Horny Goat Weed, Norma Jean Porn (Scat Dick), Judd Films, Neltner Creative.

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