February 23, 2018

It Burns When I Pee Episode #0162 “Sasquatch Crotch” 7th Annual Halloween Special

It’s that time of year folks, time for ghosts and goblins to come out and play. We play music from Lonesome Wyatt & The Holy Spooks, The Goddamn Gallows, The Pine Box Boys, The Reverend Beat Man, Sean K Preston, and The Piss Poor Players.

We have a full studio for this episode. Brett Conlin, “The Voice” Dustin, Whiskey Chaser, and Locks of Love Jason join Blake as we talk about  the Potty Mouth Princesses Video, and a teen who has sex with a stuffed horse during the IBWIP News Bulletin. Jason gives us an update on his online dating and we also have Jason For The Movies where Jason gives his review on a couple classic horror movies. This is when we find out though that Jason’s copies of the movies may have been tampered with.

We also play a new game, “Who Is You” but we quickly find out that the idea and the bumper for the game are better than the actual game. Finally we take a moment to celebrate Locks Of Love Jason’s Birthday with a card and present.


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The White Trash Revival Episode #0082

Howdy boys and girls, I got some candy for you… Well not quite candy, but ear candy. So c’mon and get in the car with your uncle Donnie. It’ll be alright, I’m not a stranger, I’m the host of The White Trash Revival. You can trust me I promise you’ll have fun. Oh good thanks for getting in now smell this rag right here; take a big whiff… Ohhh good, now sit back and enjoy the high and the tunes by The Goddamn Gallows, Slim Chance & the Can’t Hardly Playboys, Gary Hunn, Whitetrash Whiplash, Cutthroat Shamrock, Lonesome Wyatt & the Holy Spooks, Henry’s Funeral Shoe, Antic Clay, The Bays Brothers, Asie Payton, Blackcat Trio, Blueflint, Manic Pisteleros, and St Madness.

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It Burns When I Pee Episode #0020 The Devil Has Ruined Us All

It Burns When I Pee
Episode #0020 The Devil Has Ruined Us All
2nd Annual Halloween Special
Brought To You By: Devil’s Ruin Records

As we near the witching hour, IBWIP brings you their 2nd Annual Halloween Special. On this epiosde we preview some songs from Devil’s Ruin Record’s new compilation CD: Rodentia: The Best of Dark Roots Music. We play songs from Strawfoot, The Dad Horse Experiance, Christian Williams, Lonesome Wyatt & The Holy Spooks, and our good friend Slackeye Slim. We also spend some time talking to Slackeye Slim during our interview segment.

Your probably thinking to yourself, “That’s a jammed packed show!” but IBWIP doesn’t stop there. During the show we launch our newest segment, “Earlene’s Sexy Time Advice Segment.” Earlene gives advise to a listener who emailed us about his sex troubles. With Creepy Guy on house arrest, Norma Jean steps up as Co-Host and hit’s a GRAND SLAM! She talks about her trip to Sin City, her birthday, and you’ll never guess what she offers up to the fans. It’s a must hear! The IBWIP auction, our professional photo shoot with Redcorn Studios, and we get clarification on EP19’s question of “What is chalkin?” are just a couple more topics we hit on.

It’s another great show from Get Your Hank On Studio. Join us for some great music and tons of laughs. Maybe someday we’ll actually bring you a show that doesn’t focus on sex… YA RIGHT!

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