January 20, 2018

It Burns When I Pee Episode #0040 “Keepin’ It Neet”

It Burns When I Pee
Episode #0040 “Keepin’ It Neet”

It’s spring time and IBWIP is heating up. In our newest episode Blake (who sounds like a 12 year old going through puberty) and The Bubba’s gear up for the big anniversary special next month. In this episode we play music by Run C&W, Dave The Roadman, The Give’em Hell Boys, Jamey Johnson, Dog Bite Harris, and The Beastie Boys. Mrs. Bubba follows up her Vagina Princess segment from EP39 with another informational VJJ topic…. WAXING! We also introduce “COCKER” our new traveling mascot. We are sending him on the road starting May 1st. Come join us for an abridged version of IBWIP and get ready to celebrate 3 years of IBWIP in May.

Links from this show: Neltner Creative, JoeyAllcorn.com, Roundtable Podcast, George Takie Commercial, The Brady Bunch, Anal Bleaching.

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