February 23, 2018

Whiskey N’ Waterbeds Episode #0035

Whiskey N’ Waterbeds
Episode #0035

Joey F*ckup and Whiskey Brian find themselves on the run from the local fuzz once again. Shockingly both fitting on a banana seat bicycle they peddle as fast as they can towards Whiskey N’ Waterbeds Headquarters. They peddled so fast they had just enough time to pick up some cheap wine at their ghetto grocery and make bets on the classic game “Which Drunk Bum Will Fall Down First”. Drinking a neon yellow wine that glows from outer space, these drunks go thru technical difficulties to produce their first live show on flapdaddy.com. Breaking free from the troubles, the sleazy duo brings you killer tunes and an interview with The Afterdarks. This episode of Whiskey N’ Waterbeds has it all, tunes from: Heavy Trash, the Middle Fingers, XXX Smut, The York Brothers, Jared Thomas Lord, and the Afterdarks. Of course a KY Slip and Slide of a podcast would not be complete without the Dead Boys, Brimstone Howl, The Breakaways, Sir Bald Diddley & His Hounourable Right Big Wigs and more! So pull out that greased rubber glove, your bucket cold water, and take those prisoners in your basement cause everyone will confess to Whiskey N’ Waterbeds!!!

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