November 24, 2017

It Burns When I Pee Episode #0127 “BJ Queen”

On this episode we feature a VERY VERY special guest… Blake’s mom. To celebrate Blake’s upcoming 39th B-day we thought what better way than to have the one woman in his life that has put up with him the longest. She tells a few stories about his childhood, talks about their relationship, and of course talks about peacocks and Egypt. Mute Jacob shows up and though mute most of Segment 1 he kills it in Segment 2. Nurse Courtney, Mollz, and Jason also join the fun on this episode.

We try a new bit called High Brow On The Low End; and all I can say is you better have a sock or tissue ready for this one. Blake admits to hitting a baby at the mall, Jacob doesn’t wanna have kids, and Mollz rubs blake down because of 50 Shades of Grey. We also play Stay In Character, Courtney and Blake give you the latest news on sueing your parents, welfare fraud, and tips on how to live a long long long long time.

Blake talks about his bachelor weekend while Mollz was out of town, and Courtney is unhappy about the Fan Feedback. Finally What about music you say… we play great music from The Harmed Brothers, Dos Ringos, Whiskey Clan, Bloody Ol Mule, and Rickett Pass.


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It Burns When I Pee Episode #0105 “Bacon Soda of Ipecac”

This episode of IBWIP is one of a kind. We invite a couple new players into IBWIP Studio and by the end of the show we are glad we did. Negative Nick and Jason join Mute Jacob and Blake around a table and the rest is radio gold.

In this episode we play unreleased music from Joey Allcorn, some Sturgill Simpson, new Dog Bite Harris, Bloody Ol’ Mule, and legendary Jerry Jeff Walker.

This episode is pure radio gold from start to finish. We play an interesting round of Would You Rather, Stay In Character, and we get a visit from world famous Wife Whisperer, Stevon Piere Lions. Be prepared folks because you won’t stop laughing for 2 straight hours!

We also give Mute Jacob some tips to help him get laid, Blake talks about Molly and her recent jealousy issues, and we drink Bacon Soda. There is so much more by why ruin all the excitement.

This episode is also available on our Pee-A-Vision page. RIGHT HERE!  I think that this episode is even funnier if you watch it. We are continuing to improve our new video division of IBWIP so please check it out.

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Check out the site for lots of updates! and IBWIP Episode #0105