February 23, 2018

It Burns When I Pee Episode #0111 “You Better Belize It”

Stop the press! Amish Beej returns to IBWIP. He joins Negative Nick, Cute Jason, and Blake to bring you another great live episode. We play music from Dog Bite Harris, Lou Shields, Carrie Nation & The Speakeasy, and The Barnyard Stompers. The rest of the show is filled to the brim with laughs.

In this episode we get all the details about Christyfest II (which takes place on October 19th). We also update everyone on the S&M Radio Facebook page deal that Mollz and Blake had. Since Amish Beej has returned we of course play Would You Rather. We get a sports update from Ted Muffin and discuss Blake’s experience buying a new car.

We also go through our large bucket of Fan Feedback and review Muddy Roots 2013. We praise Vince Gill for his interaction with The Westboro Baptist Church and finally we try a new bit called ‘IBWIP Preforms/Translates Shakespeare. All in all it was a damn good time. Come join the fun. The episode will also be available as a vidcast on our Pee-A-Vision Youtube page.

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It Burns When I Pee Episode #0105 “Bacon Soda of Ipecac”

This episode of IBWIP is one of a kind. We invite a couple new players into IBWIP Studio and by the end of the show we are glad we did. Negative Nick and Jason join Mute Jacob and Blake around a table and the rest is radio gold.

In this episode we play unreleased music from Joey Allcorn, some Sturgill Simpson, new Dog Bite Harris, Bloody Ol’ Mule, and legendary Jerry Jeff Walker.

This episode is pure radio gold from start to finish. We play an interesting round of Would You Rather, Stay In Character, and we get a visit from world famous Wife Whisperer, Stevon Piere Lions. Be prepared folks because you won’t stop laughing for 2 straight hours!

We also give Mute Jacob some tips to help him get laid, Blake talks about Molly and her recent jealousy issues, and we drink Bacon Soda. There is so much more by why ruin all the excitement.

This episode is also available on our Pee-A-Vision page. RIGHT HERE!  I think that this episode is even funnier if you watch it. We are continuing to improve our new video division of IBWIP so please check it out.

Links from the show:  IBWIP TwitterIBWIP FacebookIBWIP Event CalanderPee-A-Vision YouTube Page, iTunes, Stitcher

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It Burns When I Pee Episode #0102 “Stupid People Extravaganza”

Everyone is familiar with our segment “Stupid People Doing Stupid Things” and in this episode we had so many great stories that we couldn’t just pick one. So we put them all together for a “Stupid People Doing Stupid Things EXTRAVAGANZA”. Stories include brothers fighting over Mac & Cheesea mexican throws his mom over a bridgea woman has sex with a dog, and we follow up on a past story about the woman who stabbed her husband before their wedding.

But we don’t just talk about how dumb people are, we also spin tunes from Lester Raw and The Graveyard QuartetAdam Lee & The Dead Horse Sound Company, The Bible Beaters, Justin the Drifter, new music from Danny Kay and The Night Lifers, and JB Beverley with James Hunnicutt.

We also announce a contest for our listeners to win an autographed print of our 100th episode poster designed by Eric Vansingel. Make sure to send your answers to blake@ibwip.com even if your listening to the episode a week or two after the release. You never know you might win!

In this episode we have appearances by Mollz, Liam, and new fan favorite amature wrestler Cock Strong. Blake decides to move to Canada because his appendix cost $30,000, and Beej talks about getting strung up in a tree by his belt. We also find out that not only does Mollz have a secret admirer but Coldbeer has a laundry list of admirers.

Come join us for a hell of a good time and a good show. Please see hyper links below for reference of other topics we discussed during the show.

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It Burns When I Pee Episode #0100 “Yes I Have Removed My Pants”

I still can’t believe that we finally made it to EP100. I also cannot believe that Amish BJ and Coldbeer came all the way from Shippensburg, PA just to be able to do the show LIVE from IBWIP Studio. We also had an amazing party before, during, and after the show. Thank you to all the folks that came over and that listened LIVE at Silentstormradio.com.

Let’s start with the music. We have a very special BAND NEW and UNRELEASED track from Carrie Nation and The Speakeasy. We also have tunes from Filthy StillThe Goddamn GallowsJoe Buck YourselfThe Hooten HailersLonewolf OMB, and Lucky Tubb.

If we listed all the stuff that happens in EP100, the show notes would be two pages long. We are so excited about this episode we don’t want to give all the surprises away. We will give you a taste though…. former co-host Creepy Guy joins us, We play a new game called “Story Time”, we take questions from the audience, and we have special guest Patrick Potpie The Incredible.

It’s laughs from beginning to end. If you want to experience IBWIP on a whole new level,  make sure to check out the vidcast version of the show on our youtube page Pee-A-Vision. Big thanks to our sponsor Manycam.com for providing us with their pro version so we were able to have multiple camera sources for the video.

Thanks once again to Amish Beej and Coldbeer for making the trip to IBWIP Studio, thanks to all the bands that have provided us with music over the past 6 years, our fans for supporting us and spreading the word of IBWIP. Also a special thanks to Andrew Hughes of Section_86 and 86_Productions for being our tech guy for all these years.

Links from the show:  IBWIP TwitterIBWIP Facebook,  Manycam.com, Eric Vansingel.com, IBWIP Event Calander, iTunesPee-A-Vision YouTube Page

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http://www.section86.com/ and http://www.ibwip.com/ IBWIP Episode #0100