December 17, 2017

Norma Jean

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Norma JeanWith a bottle of Coors in hand and her green and yellow thong showing Norma Jean bust on to IBWIP in Episode 17. Taking over the role as show honey, once held by the now dead Cheyenne, Norma Jean became an instant hit with the listeners. Not only is she sexy as hell, but shes also as raunchy as anyone else on the crew. Norma Jean took taking the character of drunkin show honey to new heights when she was taken to the hospital for alcohol poisoning during the taping of Episode 18. And to think IBWIP could land such a talented hottie just by offering her endless beer and cheesecake! We are proud to have Norma Jean on the show and look forward to producing as many segments of Norma Jean Watches Porn as she will let us. Its nice to finally have a female on the show that has a good time doing it!