February 23, 2018


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HowardFrom deep in the back woods of Lake Odessa Michigan, Howard (A.K.A OneMoreName) has brought his Bootleg Asylum Radio Show to Section86.com. From his 2 story log cabin, every Friday night at 12am (EST) Howard cranks up the generator and turns his computer on to Flapdaddy.com. For two straight hours he pounds your ears with classic rock, metal, country, and blues. Once you hear that familiar dueling banjos, you’ll know you’ve made it to the right place. Howard plats the music that most people don’t get to hear. And if that wasn’t enough, each week every-ones favorite Jared Morningstar joins Howard for an album review. If you can’t stay up till 2AM (EST) listening to the show you can now DOWNLOAD each and every Tuesday at Section86.com!

If your wanting him to do any remodeling, pluming, or electrical work, your ass better bust out the cash. But if you want to hear great music of all kinds you need to log on to Flapdaddy.com every Friday night for his live feed or DOWNLOAD the show every Tuesday at Section86.com.