January 20, 2018

Eric Morningstar

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Eric MorningstarEric Morningstar is something like a jigsaw puzzle. He is comprised of lots of different little pieces that, while not necessarily alike, fit together in the end to create a cohesive whole. In his professional life, Eric recently graduated with honors from Saginaw Valley State University with a double major in Psychology and English. Currently he’s conducting research at Michigan State University and is working towards earning a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology. As a clinical psychologist, Eric looks forward to researching the etiology of psychological disorders and effectiveness of various methods of psychotherapy. He is particularly interested in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.

However, this is only Eric’s professional life. He has many hobbies that include: writing, reading, movies, and music. He is a huge fan of classic literature, and his hero is Dante Alighieri. He owns several copies of the Divine Comedy, and if Eric could have any job in the whole world, it would be Dante Scholar. Eric is also very fond of Noir and Southern Gothic literature. He is also a huge movie buff. He takes in as many movies as possible. His favorites to date are: The Lion In Winter, Silence of the Lambs, The Godfather, and Halloween. When it comes to music, Eric is an aficionado of many genres. He listens to classical, jazz, classic rock, country, folk, reggae, and blues. In addition, Eric loves to give a shout out whenever possible for his love of the city of New Orleans and the many wonderful sounds found there. He loves the style of the Original Dixieland Jazz, blues, zydeco, and other styles found in the Big Easy. However, if he had to be stuck on a desert island with only one band for the rest of his life, Eric would take the Beatles, no contest.

At home, Eric is a homebody and loves to spend time with the people he loves: family and friends. He prefers small group gatherings over large parties, but that rule can be broken and often is. He is obsessed with coffee and consumes it as much as possible. If you’re ever around him, he’ll be glad to brew you a pot and talk about different types around the world.