December 15, 2017

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Off the Mark S08E09 September 2017

Andrew, Aaron, Roger, and Doug discuss the tragic loss of Bobby “the Brain” Heenan. We dive into the Raw picture and talk about the Strowman/Lesnar feud. We then move on to the Miz and the Tag Title Picture. We also spend way too much time talking about this Reigns guy. Then we discuss the Women’s division. Since there is a new Cruiserweight Champion, we discuss the future of 205 Live and is the NEW champion the right fit. As always be sure to follow the show @OfftheMark86, Andrew Hughes @ahughes86, and Aaron Hughes @aphughes. If there are any topics you guys would like us to talk about, send us an email at, @ reply us on twitter, connect on Facebook, on Google Plus, or on Instagram.

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