January 22, 2018

IBWIP Episode #0180 “Mustache of Love”

It’s that time again everyone, IBWIP celebrates Valentines Day in typical IBWIP fashion. Locks of Love Jason and Blake are joined by Intern Heather as we spread the good word of love throughout the land. Blake starts off the show by admitting that he has never shot a gun and wants to before he turns 40.  We play IBWIP Speakeasy but with a twist.

We play a friendly game of Fact or Crap and find out that both Jason and Heather know nothing about Valentines Day and Heather puts it out there that she doesn’t have a date for this year.

Finally we welcome back the greatest and most popular IBWIP guest interview ever the one and only Carmela Fettuccini. She comes onto the show to talk about Valentines Day safety. Her appearance leads to a possible love connection.

On this episode we play a songs from The Barnyard Stompers and long time friend of the show Billy Hood and The Trainwreckers.

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About Blake Clayton

Also known as “Self Proclaimed The Podcasting God”, Blake is the creator and host of IBWIP. After failed marriages and a failed business venture in plastic sporks, he found that he had a talent (and a face) for podcasting. He is hoping to strike it rich, he started It Burns When I Pee. Over the years, Blake has become a pioneer in the campaign to promote the Roots music and the artists who create it.

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