February 20, 2018

Off the Mark Episode #0157

Wrestlemania is only two weeks away and CM Punk is off House Shows til then.  Booker T is announced as the final entrant into this years Hall of Fame.  We have more information on the WWE channel.  On WWE programming for the week, Ryback vs Mark Henry is a lock at Wrestlemania and Trips and Lesnar are in a No Holds Barred/Career match.  On Impact this week, AJ discusses his beef with James Storm and a number #1 contender match takes place.  For this weeks topic, we discuss why thr undertaker’s streak is so important.  As always be sure to follow the show @OfftheMark86, Andrew @ahughes86, and Aaron @aphughes. If there are any topics you guys would like us to talk about, send us an email at otm@section86.com OR at reply us on the twitter.

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