February 24, 2018

It Burns When I Pee Episode #0084 “I DON’T LIKE IT”

All I can say is this episode is RADIO GOLD! I have never been so excited to release a show before. So let’s get down to it… First the music, of course this is our Valentine’s Day special so all the songs are about love gone wrong. We play Rachel BrookeThe Pine Box Boys, Hank III, Graham LindsayThose Poor Bastards, and Scott H. Biram.

The start of the show is pretty touch and go. Blake runs the risk of crapping his pants. We get an email from Holly who obviously has never EVER listened to the show. We welcome Hobo Hiatus and his wife Tawny K from Trailer Park Romance to the show to take on Amish Beej’s and Coldbeer in a fun loving game of “How Well Do You Know Your Partner”. It was a #hilarious game where we find out about Beej’s mom’s waterbed, Tawny K needs to dumb it down of us, and that Coldbeer doesn’t listen to Beej at all.

We also discuss dead wrestlers, Coldbeer’s grandma doesn’t yell on Facebook, and finally… BLAKE IS FAT! This is where the show goes into overdrive… Blake and Mollz join a gym but Blake rebels. Beej offers an alternative work out for Blake and Mollz finally comes down the stairs and kicks Blake’s ass!

In EP84 we welcome our REAL sponsor Piss Poor Washboards to the IBWIP family. Also get your order in right now for the new 1 Year Anniversary of SilentStormRadio.com T-shirt. You can also order the new IBWIP patches. Thanks as always for your support.

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About Blake Clayton

Also known as “Self Proclaimed The Podcasting God”, Blake is the creator and host of IBWIP. After failed marriages and a failed business venture in plastic sporks, he found that he had a talent (and a face) for podcasting. He is hoping to strike it rich, he started It Burns When I Pee. Over the years, Blake has become a pioneer in the campaign to promote the Roots music and the artists who create it.

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