December 15, 2017

It Burns When I Pee Episode #0071 “IBWIP 5th Annual Halloween Special”

In this episode we celebrate Halloween the way IBWIP has for years, evil music and great laughs. In this episode we play music from The Honky Tonk Hustlas, The Goddamn Gallows, The Dirt Daubers, Heinrich XII and The Devilgrass Pickers, The Misfits, and Those Poor Bastards. Of course we get things going with The Moster Mash.

We also celebrate Amish BJ’s 2 year anniversary of being the co-host on the show. He has occupied his dirty still longer than any other co-host. We were lucky enough to have almost 30 VM’s from listeners spread throughout the show honoring him. Congrats to BJ and thank you for all your efforts over the past 2 years.

Now for the guts of the show, Blake plays Pat Sajak and BJ and Coldbeer go head to head in some Halloween trivia. Thankfully Coldbeer get the easiest of the questions right! We also get a call from our kidnapped cock Peter. In the 2nd segment we “touch” on the Hulk Hogan sex tape. We remind listeners about EP16 and Bubba the Love Sponge’s review of IBWIP. We grade the Hulkster’s package and decide that Heather Clem is a dirty whore. To get more listeners Blake offers up him and Mollz’s sex tapes, BJ admits he would let Stone Cold Steve Austin sleep with Coldbeer, and Blake offers up Mollz to the great Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

We wrap it up with a rundown of the busy IBWIP schedule including interview episodes Munly Jay Munly, Adam Lee & The Dead Horse Sound Company, T. Junior, and Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy. Unfortunately, Blake gets a little crazy with his sound effects and things kinda go a rye.

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About Blake Clayton

Also known as “Self Proclaimed The Podcasting God”, Blake is the creator and host of IBWIP. After failed marriages and a failed business venture in plastic sporks, he found that he had a talent (and a face) for podcasting. He is hoping to strike it rich, he started It Burns When I Pee. Over the years, Blake has become a pioneer in the campaign to promote the Roots music and the artists who create it.

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