January 19, 2018

The White Trash Revival Episode #0091

On this episode we pay homage to the man upstairs…….no not your uncle lou that is 47 and still lives with grandma.  I’m talking bout Jesus as in Jesus H. Christ.  As long as your catholic, then anything goes on this episode including gambling, drinking liquor, and touching boys…….well maybe not that one unless of course you coach football at Penn State.  Here is the playlist to this episode: The Gunhands, Swamp Jeuce, The Rubber Knife Gang, The .357 Stringband, Dad Horse, the Goddamn Gallows, Scott H. Biram, Lydia Lovelace, Johnny Paycheck, Slim Chance & the Cant Hardly Playboys, Billy Joe Shaver, Reverend Deadeye, Black Eye Vermillion.

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