January 17, 2018

The White Trash Revival Episode #0090

I once asked my uncle Buggly what he would do if he came home from a hard days work and looked in his window and seen his wife getting tag teamed by a couple of fellas. My uncle looked me square in the eye and said ” Donnie I would do what any good man would do…….I’d pull my peter out and pump one off right there on the porch”.  I don’t think its terrific advice but it is better than going to jail and hey isn’t that every man’s fantasy to see their wife gettin boned……..ok so your fantasy is better who cares just check out these tunes assholes: Rebel Sony, Little Lisa Dixie, Aran Buzaz, Akillis Green, Honkytonk Heartbreakers, J. Allen Spence, Horse Opera, Heelsplitter, Danny Trashville, Eerie Von, David Davis & the Warrior River Boys, Chuck Whiting & his Rowdy Friends, Willy Tea Taylor, and The Giv’em Hell Boys.

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