January 22, 2018

The White Trash Revival Episode #0089

89 episodes……still going strong like a stripper in a 4 day meth binge. Although she would probably be more classier even at her highest point in her buzz, not to mention she’d probably do a better show than Donnie. You folks be the judge: Lover not a Fighter-Gin Palace Gesters, Bury me in Whiskey-Flip Cassidy & the Junkyard Gospel, Lord wont You Help Me-Breakin Up a Dogfight, Bullet Help Me Forget-The Barn Swallows, Ive been Around the World-Seven Handle Circus, Hangover-Old Knifey & the Cutthroats, Cheep Bottle of Wine-Lazy Lovers, Goin Down Loud-John Evens Band, Honky Tonk Blood-Johnny Falstaff, Slumber Party-Southern Backtones, Demon on my Shoulder-Snakebit Drifters, Spittin Lies-Nikki Sue and the Bad News, and We are Dead and Reborn-Sons of an Illustrious Father.

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