January 19, 2018

The White Trash Revival Episode #0087

That is the last time I pull that stunt to get free drinks. Every now and then money gets tight and I get thirsty so what do I do…..what any fella will do when they’re broke and needing a drink. I DRESS UP LIKE A WOMAN!!!!! Yeah that’s right, but I’m not gonna do it again. Ive done this probably a couple dozen of times and let me tell you I drink swell. I wait till about midnight when all the gentleman at the tavern are liquored up and lacquered down I put on a wig and some slutty clothes. I go in there and them men are so drunk they buy me drinks all night. Well this night I got a little to hammered and woke up in a mans arms with sticky butt cheeks and my wig missing. So now I’m out of a really nice blonde wig and my butt virginity…..oh well lets forget about it and listen to these tunes by Rebel Son, Olds Sleeper, Hip Hatchet, Dive Bar Dukes, Tin Horn Prayer, Black Canyon, Andy & the Pandys, Honey Gitters, Friendly Stranger, and North to Howard.

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