November 24, 2017

The White Trash Revival Episode #0084

Home alone like that handsome little Kevin, but there is nothing to do. The beer is going down forced and slow. I guess I could rub one out to some brazilian tranny porn, but I already did that today……..twice. I absolutely hate it when im a free man for the weekend and there is nothing to do. I think the ol lady and karma are secretly friends and neither one want me to have a good time…..ever. Oh well I guess I’ll just force this beer down my gullet and listen to these tunes by Gogol Bordello, The 357 Stringband, The Porters, Las Pistolas, Wanda Jackson, Redneck Remedy, The Saberjets, Creech Holler, Assjack, Big Jugs, Big One Man Band, Carlos & the Bandidos, Redhill Rats, Mike Bonanza & the Trailer Park Cowboys, and Jayke Orvis.

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