November 24, 2017

The White Trash Revival Episode #0082

Howdy boys and girls, I got some candy for you… Well not quite candy, but ear candy. So c’mon and get in the car with your uncle Donnie. It’ll be alright, I’m not a stranger, I’m the host of The White Trash Revival. You can trust me I promise you’ll have fun. Oh good thanks for getting in now smell this rag right here; take a big whiff… Ohhh good, now sit back and enjoy the high and the tunes by The Goddamn Gallows, Slim Chance & the Can’t Hardly Playboys, Gary Hunn, Whitetrash Whiplash, Cutthroat Shamrock, Lonesome Wyatt & the Holy Spooks, Henry’s Funeral Shoe, Antic Clay, The Bays Brothers, Asie Payton, Blackcat Trio, Blueflint, Manic Pisteleros, and St Madness.

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