December 16, 2017

The White Trash Revival Episode #0076

The White Trash Revival
Episode #0076

On this episode Donnie F*cking Cash is on the injured reserve due to laringytus (not an oral copulation accident). So on this episode it will be hosted by that huggable lovable negro Leon Feltersnatch. Yes he will be drunk off Wild Irish Rose and probably still be a better host than Donnie Fncking Cash. Since Leon hates country music and white people (except white women) this episode will have a more blusey feel to it.Grab ya a bottle of the cheapest nastiest wine and get on uncle Leon’s level just don’t piss your pants like he does. Enjoy the tunes by Last False Hope, Nellie Wilson and the Hellbound Honies, Hillstomp, CW Ayon, Left Lane Cruiser, Sam Chatmon, T Model Ford, Cashman, Scott H Biram, Collard Greens & Gravy, Bluesboy Jag, Deltahead, Gravelroad, and Jawbone.

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