January 22, 2018

The White Trash Revival Episode #0074 “The One Man Band Show”

The White Trash Revival
Episode #0074 “The One Man Band Show”

Alright folks its time for Donnie Fncking Cash to jam something down your throat……..no its not his stiff jizz wand, its another great episode of The White Trash Revival. This here is the one man band episode and them fellas doin there music is like me and sex …..where they are a one man band between the sheets im a one man and hand. I cant even buy sex from my wife, but enough about my problems on this show we got tunes by Lonewolf OMB, Ben Prestage, Bloodshot Bill, Honkyfinger, Dead Elvis One Man Grave, Ghostwriter, Haunted George, Pete Yorko, Reverend Deadeye, Right on John, El Paso Hot Button, Guitar Fncker, Lonesome Joseph, Sherrif Perkins, Train Wreck Washington, One Man Hand, Johnny Cancer, Wolfboy Slim & His Dirty Feets, and Stompin Nick & His Blues Grenade.

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