January 17, 2018

Rugburn Radio Episode #0005

Rugburn Radio
Episode #0005

Episode 5 here is a quick show thrown together due to me being in Indianapolis all weekend for a family event. I could have just skipped a week, but why neglect you folks to hear great music and hear a new band. I just don’t have the heart to do it to the loyal few listeners I have. So I threw together a show for yuns and although its shorter you wont be sorry with this music lineup from: Knock Galley West, Junkrod Joe & the Cadillac Hearse, South Memphis Stringband, Honky, J.W.W. & the Prospectors, Zen Guerilla, Jim Lauderdale, Social Distortion, The Devil Makes 3, Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir, Carolina Choclate Drops, Kim Lentz & the Jaguars, and Lucky Tubb & the Modern Day Troubadors.

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  1. phineas@mcphaulappraisal.com' Phineas in NC says:

    I saw Curtis Eller open up for a band last Saturday (I live in Chapel Hill, NC). I knew I’d heard his shit before but couldn’t remember where, and it finally came to me that I’d heard it on your show. I asked him if he’d ever been on White Trash Revival and he said yeah. He was pretty stoked that somebody had heard of him like that, and I just thought that was pretty cool, me hearing somebody that lives in the same state from an interenet radio show out of the midwest. Small world these days. Anyways, diggin the new show, keep on doin what you do (and we’re thinkin you need to add back in some of your nasty ass stories/jokes – I crank up your show at work, and that shit would have everybody fuckin rollin laughin)

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