January 17, 2018

Rugburn Radio Episode #0004

Rugburn Radio
Episode #0004

On episode 4, we interview Lisa and Ian Miller of the group Lisa & Her Kin which consists of Lisa and her brothers. They are based in Portland Oregon and have toured up and down the west coast. We discuss they’re albums, they’re upcoming tour, and the future of Lisa & Her Kin. On this show, I had a tremendous buzz on and now a day later I feel like shit royAL. We got some great music by the following artists: Possessed by Paul James, The Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank, Eve Hell & the Razors, Mississippi Mike Wolf, Henry’s Funeral Shoe, Red Mouth, The Armadillos, Aran Buzzas, The Jones’, Sara Holtschlag, Fort King, Reverend Beatman, Asie Payton, Black Diamond Heavies, Hey Negrita, Mark Stuart & the Bastard Sons, The Main Street Gospel, and Ian Thomas Alexy.

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