February 22, 2018

Rugburn Radio Episode #0001 “Ben Prestage & Mistletoe”

Rugburn Radio
Episode #0001 “Ben Prestage & Mistletoe”

OK everybody so I put the White Trash Revival to bed, but in reality it is only a name change. So welcome to the 1st episode of Rugburn Radio (or really my 70th show). Here’s the deal folks there are some great black artists that play music I like Muddy Waters and T-Model Ford for example and how can I play them on my show if its called The White Trash Revival. I think Rugburn Radio is going to be so much more better, I am going to start implementing a CD review or interview in the show every week and try to tone down the vulgarities a bit. I’m also going to ad an occasional guest host to the show. ( my aunts husband Leon Feltersnatch) Leon has many great stories when he is sober but that’s hardly never. Hop on board and spread the word about my show just consider it the same show but with a different name. On this 1st episode here Ive got a CD review of Ben Prestage’s CD “Live at Pineapple Willys” and Ive got some Christmas songs to get you in the yuletide spirit. Here is a play-list of episode 1: I Like to Get High- The Tumblin’ Go Gos, Truckstop Funeral- Muleskinner Jones, My Darling Sambo- Jay Munly, Loosen Your Bible- Whiskey Chimp, Mannish Boy- Muddy Waters, Curly Hair- Doo Rag, I’m Insane- T Model Ford, Cross That Line- Guthrie Kennard, Down the Line- Luke Redfield, Its a Shame Its a Pity- Moondoggies, Santa’s out of Rehab by Christmas- Adam’s Housecat, Christmas Prison Blues- Seasick Steve, Crow & Christmas Tree- Buck and Wheeler, Dead Christmas- Monster Magnet, Black & Blue Christmas- Unknown Hinson, and Christmas- Chuck Berry. This will be a great 1st show and listen for all the kick ass grindhouse trailers also.

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