December 15, 2017

Kewanee Sports League Episode #0037 “Week 2”

Kewanee Sports League
Episode #0037 “Week 2”

In this jammed packed; extra long Week #2 show, Andrew, the Doug, and Aaron discuss the second week of the fantasy football season. We also talk about the following topics: Chicago Bears, Fantasy Football, Cowboys, Sleepers, Games of the Week, the Big League, the 1337 League, and much much more! This show was taped on September 22nd, 2010.

Kewanee Sports League 2010 and 1337 Kewanee Sports League 2010

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Andrew is a wordpress expert and enjoys listening to Chevelle and Green Day. A huge fan of the Chicago Blackhawks and all things hockey. He enjoys podcasting and editing audio. Founder of 86 Productions and Section_86. Follow me at Twitter and Google+ and check out my blog.


  1.' Ty Boardman says:

    “With Doug winning… easily…”


    “Dallas has the TOOLS…” …yea… literally.”

    Farve makes it to Week 10..
    Julius Peppers makes him regret it.
    Stadium High Definition cameras catch final moments as Farve reaches under jersey to activate his LifeLine necklace..
    Farve later sues LifeLine and the City of Chicago for 45 minute response by EMT services…
    Peppers faces more league fines.. this time for hitting an elderly pedestrian in public..
    Farve holds press conference about possibly retiring…
    Viking’s Offensive Line enduring heat from the press, defending that they did not “Let Peppers hit him”…
    Advertisement seen in local Minneapolis Tribune: “Star QB for trade, well vetted, calls his own plays… Looking for anyone willing suit up, take snaps, and hand the ball to Adrian Peterson repeatedly.. prefer under 25 years of age.”
    Troy Aikman comes out of retirement.

  2.' Ty Boardman says:

    Brady Quinn signed to Minnesota …

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