February 22, 2018

The White Trash Revival Episode #0057

The White Trash Revival
Episode #0057

Episode 57 features an interview with Tex Troester of the Groovy Rednecks. For those of you that never heard of the Groovy Rednecks they are from Hollywood Califuckinfornia. They’ve been a band for nearly 20 years and have well over 600 shows together…..not many bands can say that. Now the reason you may not have heard of ol Tex and his band is because they’ve never really toured except for one time when they spent a couple of weeks in Europe. I really like the Groovy Rednecks and how often can you find some real deal honky tonkers in Hollywood. Tex should have his liver retired and be inducted into the Drinkers Hall of Fame, he consumes beer by the gallons before,during, and after each show. Tex reminds me of the uncle everybody has that shows up to whatever family gathering with a new girlfriend every time and gets shit faced drunk and pukes in the punchbowl, shits his pants, and gives you $10 to beat the phuck outta your brother. You know the uncle you looked up to and wanted to be like when you got older. So roll ya a fat one or bang ya a fat one and sit back and listen to tunes by Roadside Revival, Honky Tonk Zeros, The Bonneville Barons, Justin Case & the Sorry Sinners, Patterson Hood, Bill Fadden & the Rythym Busters, The Foghorn Stringband, Toxic Ghost Parade, Jake & the Burtones, The Dead Cats, Country Joe McDonald, The Downtown County Band, Disco Lepers, Hells Fire Sinners, and Prophet & the Cowboys of the Appocalypse.

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  3. Hey, Excellent show & thanks for playing the Disco Lepers…

    Anybody interested can pick up their new album here:


    (It’s only available via mailorder at present, alsoInterpunk should still have some copies).


  4. Hey this is Andy from Roadside Revival. Thanks for playing our song and supporting REAL music. Our debut record will be available as of OCt 1 on itunes etc.

    CD can be previewed at http://www.reverbnation.com/roadsiderevival

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