December 16, 2017

The White Trash Revival Episode #0045

The White Trash Revival
Episode #0045

Episode 45 features an interview with Darren D. the founder of Farmageddon Records, and in this interview we talk about the upcoming album by Jayke Orvis, the label roster, and what to expect from Farmageddon Records. Also on this show we feature an unreleased track from Jayke Orvis called “Beatin My Head”. This episode of The White Trash Revival could possibly be the longest yet……just take a look at this playlist: Honky Tonk Hell-Joey Allcorn / Ya Damn Hillbilly-Jimmy Pines / Devils Doorbell-Boxcar Cadavers / Nothin to Lose-Louisiana Hellbenders / Dogs Get Nothin-Medicine Show / American Genocide-Johnny Down and the Syndromes / The Other Half-The Smoke Brothers / The Righteous-The Blind Staggers / The Real Horror Show-The Empty Arms / Rebel-Angie and the Carwrecks /25 Minutes to go-800LB Gorilla / Daddy O-Tip Top Trio / Circus of Pain-Zoletan Orkestar / Duke of Hazard-Ed Revel and the Butchers / Cocaine Habit Blues-Littlegiants / Drinkin on Sunday-Cattletruck / You Cant Call it Country-Good Intentions / Livin on Nothin-Owen Mays / Shes a Real Gem-Simone Kross / Kerville Cemetary-Hutinanny / Times Slippin Away-Reverend Sextons Blues Revival / Haunted House of Rock-Satans Pilgrims / Beg Steal & Borrow-Karling Abbeygate / The Fool on the Stool-Ronnie Rodgers……wheeeew !!!! thats a lot of fnckin music so sit back crack open the cheapest rot gut you can find and enjoy the ride like that time when you were 9 and you hopped on that train and two days and a couple of inappropriate touches by a pack of hobos later you end up in California…….boy did the folks wear that ass out.

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