December 16, 2017

Off the Mark Episode #0013

Off the Mark
Episode #0013

Lucky number 13 is FINALLY in the can! After many delays, this show is action packed! We discuss the recent TNA PPV; Sacrifice 2010. We spend extra time talking about how the “commercial free” Raw concert should have worked and how it did not work this time. On NXT, we go over the Bryan Danielson segment in detail. Aaron and Andrew both have man crushes on Bryan. And to finish the show, we discuss the 2010 Wrestling Almanac. As always be sure to follow us on twitter @OfftheMark86.

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Andrew is a wordpress expert and enjoys listening to Chevelle and Green Day. A huge fan of the Chicago Blackhawks and all things hockey. He enjoys podcasting and editing audio. Founder of 86 Productions and Section_86. Follow me at Twitter and Google+ and check out my blog.

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