December 15, 2017

The White Trash Revival Episode #0037

The White Trash Revival
Episode #0037

Remember the time when old man Finnery wanted you to come in his house to show you something, but you remembered your mom said to stay away from that weirdo. Then old man Finnery said he’d give you a dollar to come inside and so you did; well that made you a whore like your mother that told you to stay away from that weirdo. WOW I do not know where that came from… Anyways, Episode 37 is gonna kick your ass like cousin Becky did that time you pee’d in her mouth. We got an interview with Detroit’s own JUNK. He is a great songwriter, a great singer, and a pretty darn good artist. Rumor has it that Junk keeps a typewriter in his freezer and I forgot to ask him that. On this show, we have music by The Goddamn Gallows, Chicken Shift, Richard March, Shand Walton and the All Amigos Club, Black Death All Stars, The Murder Grass Boys, Jinx Jones, Cal Veale, Wolfboy Slim and his Dirty Feets, The Ju Ju Beans, Sugarcane Stringband, Kensington Hillbillies, Hank III, St Frankie Lee, Evil Farm Children, and Squalor N Sloth. There will also be a surprise guest phoning in to the show and I hate surprises. Last time I got a surprise, I couldn’t walk right for a week. Kyle Turley will once again be on the show to talk about the tour with Hank and talk about his new album.

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  1. Great Show…playing great stuff

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