December 15, 2017

The White Trash Revival Episode #0036

The White Trash Revival
Episode #0036

There are no special guests on Episode 36…..just a shitload of good f*cking music. Hell I could call this one “Donnie’s Big Bonanza 2 “, but he’s a dick and he’s not use to havin anything big. So grab a 12 pack and start the show and if yuns cant finish the beer before the shows over, then your a pussy and you probably take it in the ass. This show has 20 songs on it by 20 artists that deserve to be heard and recognized so ya’ll enjoy the show with music by Jason Arnold & The Stepsiders, No Bozos Liar Club, The Skiffle Minstrels, The Crop Circles, Slade Curtis & The Deadman from Reno Band, The High Rollers, Molasses, The Blue Boot Heelers, Dead Aces, Dick Wiggler & The Cattle Guards, The Easy Leaves, Sweet Wednsday, Urban Jr., Honky-Tonk Heartbreakers, Miss Fire & The Detonations, Pete Yorko & The One Man Music Band, Poor Man’s Whiskey, Chris Scruggs, The Johnny Hiland Band, and Tim Barry.

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